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Tabernacle Records distributed by Juno.

Ride The Gyroscope distributed by Clone.

TABR046 – Mudmiva

Release Date: 10/12/18

TABR046 Front Cover TABR046 Side B TABR046 Sleeve TABR046 Sleeve Back

Vinyl only.

TABR045 – Drome Tapes EP3

Release Date: 03/09/18

Taken from Drome 003 - Phuture Classical Section C (1993)

Part 3 of a 3-Part Series released on Tabernacle Records (2018)

TABR045 Sleeve TABR045 Sleeve Back TABR045 Front Cover TABR045 Side B

Vinyl only.

TABR044 – Drome Tapes EP2

Release Date: 10/12/18

Taken from Drome 002 - Phuture Classical Supplement B (1992)

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series released on Tabernacle Records (2018)

TABR044 Sleeve TABR044 Sleeve Back TABR044 Side A TABR044 Side B

Vinyl only.

TABR043 – Drome Tapes EP1

Release Date: 23/07/18

Taken from Drome 001 - Phuture Classical Appendix A (1992)

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series released on Tabernacle Records (2018)

TABR043 Sleeve TABR043 Sleeve Back TABR043 Side A TABR043 Side B

Vinyl only.

TABR042 – Way To Hyperborea

Release Date: 09/04/18

Eight years since Shemale's 'Opening the Astral Doors' on Further Records, the quest for mystical enlightenment continues with 'Way to Hyperborea'.

Shemale's debut on Tabernacle ventures further into shadowy and abstract domains, as stars watch over the northern wastes guiding the way to strange lands beyond the funeral sea.

TABR042 Front Cover TABR042 Back Cover TABR042 A Side TABR042 B Side

Written and Produced by Shemale

Artwork by Andrew Ingram

Vinyl only.

TABR041 – Omnisystem

Release Date: 13/02/18

One half of the Kestrel Explorations unit (with longtime collaborator Scientific Dreamz Of U), Junior Loves lands with a complex combination of tracks that pull you into the forest, following the constant hum of a far-off sound system, that you will never find.

TABR041 Front Cover TABR041 Back Cover TABR041 A Side TABR041 B Side

Written and Produced by James Bunton

Artwork by James Bunton

Vinyl only.